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We prevent readmissions with nutrition and medical supplies

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HIPAA Compliant mobile technology that delivers nutritional and medical supplies to patients to prevent readmissions

Health systems have saved millions by implementing nutrition programs that make it easy for patients to get the resources they need. DispatchCare's integrated mobile platform instantly delivers nutritional and medical supplies to your patients' doorsteps.


Instant Notifications Help Patients and Their

Loved Ones Prepare for Discharge Sooner!

When doctors write discharge plans in their patient's electronic medical records, DispatchCare's mobile platform instantly notifies patients or their loved ones so they can prepare ahead of time

Nutrition Programs Proven to Reduce Readmission and Length of Stay

Advocate Health Care – Downers Grove, IL

In a 6-month study, four hospitals in Chicago, IL implemented a comprehensive nutrition program that reduced readmissions by nearly 20% and reduced length of stay by 1.6 days. The program insured that 1,200 malnourished patients received nutritional supplements within 24hrs of admission. DispatchCare was not involved in the study, but with our platform, you can offer that same program to all of your patients. Our easy-to-use technology scans your existing electronic medical record system and offers securely offers patients food and nutritional supplements based on their discharge orders. With DispatchCare, patients and families can easily remain well-nourished after they leave your care.

Catholic Health Initiatives (Now CommonSpirit Health) – Chicago, IL

In a 6-month study, three hospitals in Lexington and Louisville Kentucky implemented a comprehensive nutrition program the included more than 10,000 patients. The program reduced the length of stay for malnourished patients by 12% (1.16 days) and reduced the length of stay for patients who were not malnourished by 7.4% (0.28 days). This study did not see a significant change in readmissions due to various factors “such as the duration of follow-up, nutrition treatment modality, discharge to various care settings.” DispatchCare did not participate in this study, but it’s easy-to-use mobile platform would have empowered patients and families to maintain their nutritional status after discharge. DispatchCare’s technology improves access to nutritional supplements and would have likely improved this study’s readmission outcomes.

Academic Medical Center – United States

A 12-month study analyzed 8,713 malnourished patients who received oral nutritional supplements. The study found that patients who received oral supplements were 38% less likely to be readmitted and had 10% shorter hospital stays than patients who did not receive such nutrition. Notably, there was a 16% length of stay improvement for oncology patients. DispatchCare would allow your health system to easily implement a nutritional program like this one and improve the nutritional status of all patients who encounter your system.


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